Light Impact Mini Excavation

Using a rubber tracked, 6,000 pound, excavator, Buzz can do a wide variety of excavation jobs with small clearances. His specialized skill as an expert operator allows him to complete excavation jobs without tearing up the surrounding landscape as larger equipment sometimes will do.

No job too steep, too wet, and hard to access

  • Build terraces and retainer walls
  • Horse arenas and ball fields
  • Berms and grading
  • Small roads and driveways
  • Brush removal
  • Light demolition
  • Setting boulders
  • Trenching for water, power, sewer and gas
  • Installing sewer line repairs and upgrades
  • Dig footings and clearances for additions, driveways, and pads
  • Precision laser pad preparation and compaction
  • Steep slopes graded
  • Pier drilling – drill holes 12 to 30 inches in diameter for piers up to 12 feet deep
  • Prep for concrete and compaction